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Saint Alban Lodge No. 35, Free and Accepted Masons of The M.W.P.H.G.L. of Pa.

Cable Tow December

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Important changes this month!!! 

 The Pillar of…WISDOM


 Greetings brother senior warden, brother junior warden and brethren all.


  I hope this cable tow comes to you and your family at a good time



 This is due to Christmas eve being the 4th Friday this year.


 2)Lodge meeting will be at 4301 N. Broad St. on Wednesday Dec.. 22, 2004      @7:00PM, In our regular meeting room (B).  Cabinets members should be present at       6:30PM.


 3)Cabinet meetings are every Wednesday at 7:00PM.


 4)Past Master Joseph Smalls and brother Jerome Blanchard are both home from the  hospital. Please give them a call or go by and see them.

5)Please notify the secretary  of any changes in address or phone numbers.


The Mystic Tie:  This phrase refers to the bond of fraternal love to the solemn vows of eternal brotherhood in masonry, irrespective of the differences in race, nationality and conflicting interest. By this mystic tie, men of the most discordant opinions are united in one band, meet at one altar even when fighting in opposing armies or affiliated with different religions.  It is indeed an indefinable spiritual tie and those under its influence are rightly spoken of as “Brethren of the Mystic Tie”. 



Sebastian Collins

Worshipful Master


  Dues owed ____ Secretary

                                   Wayne Mallory

                                   100 Fairview Ave

                                   <ぐ颵ᇏ芻ꨀ봀௎text>Yeadon Pa. 19050



December 2004                                                 Cable Tow




The Pillar of…STRENGTH


Greetings from the West

Brethren of the Craft, I hope that this communication is meeting you in good health.  I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.  I would also like to remind everyone that meeting night changed from the 4th Friday, which is on Christmas Eve, to the 4th Wednesday, which is December 22. In addition, I was in the holiday spirit and I was looking up the 12 gifts that were given on the twelve days of Christmas on the internet, and I fortunately came across the 12 points of Masonry that I would like to share.


                                    twelve points were based upon the 12 sons of Jacob, and symbolized the path of the candidate through his first degree.
1.  Opening of the lodge - refers to the tribe of Reuben, the first born of Jacob – the beginning of
                                    his strength.  Without the opening, there would be no lodge.
2.  Preparation of the candidate - was to symbolize the tribe of Simeon, because Simeon prepared the instruments
                                    for slaughter of the Shemites.  In part, it symbolizes the Masonic abhorrence
                                    to cruelty, manifest in that event.  (being divested/devoid of all metallic objects).
3.  The report of the S.D. - refers to the tribe of Levi.  Legend
                                    has it that Levi signaled his brother Simeon in the execution of the slaughter of the Schemites.  Masonry denounces cruelty to a helpless people.
4.  Entry of the candidate into the lodge -symbolizes the tribe of Judah, for they were the first to cross the river Jordan, and alludes to the passing of the candidate from the wilderness of darkness into the
                                    land of light and liberty.
5.  The prayer - symbolizes the tribe of Zebulon, because the prayers and blessing of Jacob were given to in
                                    deference to his brother Issachar.
6.  The circumambulation - refers to the tribe of Issachar.  Being
                                    shiftless in character, this tribe needed a special leader to advance them to an elevation equal to the other tribes.
7.  Advancing to the altar of freemasonry - symbolizes the tribe of Dan. 
                                    It shows us that we should advance to truth and holiness with speed, in contrast to the rapid decline of Dan into idolatry.
8.  The obligation - refers to the tribe of gad, and alludes to the solemn vow made by Jephthah, judge of Israel, and a member of this tribe.
 9.  The entrusting with the mysteries of the order - was symbolized by the tribe of Asher, for this tribe was
                                    presented with the full fruits of Masonic knowledge.
10. The investiture of the
                                    lambskin - refers to the tribe of Naphtali, for this tribe was invested with a peculiar freedom by Moses in the prophecy,
                                    "O' Naphtali, satisfied with favor and full with blessings of the lord, possess thou the west and south."
11. Ceremony in the north
                                    east corner - refers to the tribe of Joseph, and his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh, heads of two half tribes.
12. Closing of the lodge
                                    - refers to the tribe of Benjamin, the youngest son of Jacob,               
                                    thus closing his strength.
Keary Willis
Senior Warden



The Pillar of…BEAUTY

From the Junior Warden’s Station


Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.



Happy Holidays my brothers.

Please come out and support your lodge and your Worshipful Master. The master has an aggressive agenda of charity which requires your help. We hope that all will take the time to give back for all those blessings that we have received.



Terence R. Moody Sr.

Junior Warden


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St Alban Lodge #35
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
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