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Saint Alban Lodge No. 35, Free and Accepted Masons of The M.W.P.H.G.L. of Pa.

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Prince Hall Masonry is about serving the community

St Alban Lodge 35 Youth Investment Program



St Alban is working in two Phases of investing in our youth at this time:

Phase 1 was adopting the 7th and 8th grade boys at the Anna Blakiston Day School located at 6324 Crittenden Street, Philadelphia PA 19138 215 276-5250 where the Principal is Ms. Karen White.  Brothers of St Alban along with special invited guest presenters meet monthly for this breakfast mentoring program.

Phase 2 St Alban has also partnered with the Home Based Delinquent Services Program of JJC (Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia) located at 2085 N. 63rd St. Philadelphia Pa. 19151. We are also providing a mentoring program at this location for males and females.

St Alban’s youth investment program’s mission is to promote scholastic achievement, exceptional punctuality habits, etiquette, self-esteem, compassion and respect for others. As well as heightening their cultural and community awareness. We are investing in the future of our youth.  St Alban provides educational lectures for youth as well as facilitating discussions at these sessions which further encourage the youth groups to interact with their peers in a positive manner.  St Alban will focus its energies into creating exposure and opportunities. Our goal is to encourage these youth to be more motivated and focused on establishing priorities and goals for their future.








St Alban Lodge #35

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania





St Alban Lodge #35 Youth Investment Program Report


Worshipful Master, Brother Senior Warden, brother Junior Warden, Past Master’s, Grand Lodge Officers, visiting brothers. Brethren all, Good evening.



Per Most Worshipful Grand Master, Dr Murphy J. Kellar and at the request of Worshipful Master Christopher Cherry Jr I have organized a youth program committee on behalf of St Alban Lodge #35. This committee has met twice. From these meetings, we have met with personnel from two entities that we have chosen to partner.


As a result we have created a youth program named, “The St Alban Lodge #35 Youth Investment Program”. This program will kick off on April 4, 2013. This is a lodge program and we ask that all brothers of St Alban Lodge #35 participate to make this a success. We have developed two phases which are described in our mission statement and program outline attached:



Fraternally Submitted




Committee Chairman

G. Wayne Mallory Past Master

St Alban Lodge #35


Committee members

Ricky Hill            JW                                                                Walter Samuels     PM

Euronn McCloud SD                                                                 Richard Ellerson  MM

Sebastian Collins PM                                                                Melvin Green       MM

Charles Bethea    PM                                                                Harvey Holloway MM

                                                       Edward Ricks     PM

In St Alban Lodge #35, a great deal of our focus has been placed on the youth of our city. 

St Alban Lodge #35
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Hon. Malcolm E. Harris Most Worshipful Grand Master